20. Fertilization using spermatocytes overcomes azoospermia caused by meiotic arrest  Mar. 2024
Improvement of microinjection with primary spermatocytes
19. Establishment of nuclear transferred ES cells from wild-derived mouse leukocytes  Feb. 2024
The new preservation procedure of wild-derived mouse strains using nuclear transfer techniques
18. Successful increase of the litter size in mice by 1.4 times  Jun. 2022
Development of pregnancy-safe anti-inhibin monoclonal antibodies
17. Highly efficient generation of KO founder mice with CRISPR/Cas9  Aug. 2021
Simultaneous disruption of multiple genes
16. Ultraeasy mouse sperm freezing method for everyone  Jul. 2021
No LN2, special reagents, containers and techniques; useful in emergency situations
15. Development of reproductive engineering techniques for wild-derived Spretus mice  Nov. 2020
Towards the efficient maintenance and utilization of wild-derived mice from different Mus species
14. Generation of chimeric mice with spermatozoa fully derived from embryonic stem cells  Oct. 2020
Analysis of lethal gene function without conditional knockout mouse
13. In vitro fertilization using first-wave sperm from prepubertal males  May 2020
One-month earlier production of the next generations
12. Boosting the efficiency of mouse cloning to the highest ever  Jan. 2019
Simultaneous removal of two critical barriers
11. First knockout MSM/Ms mouse created  Dec. 2017
Taming wild-derived mice by gene knockout
10. High-Yield Superovulation in Adult Mice  Dec.2015
Three-fold increase by anti-Inhibin serum treatment combined with estrous cycle synchronization
9. Nuclear transfer from germ cells  Nov. 2014
For the study of developmental epigenetics
8. Generation of ES cells by ICSI or nuclear transfer  Nov.2013
For strain conservation and biomedical research use
7. Mouse cloning using a drop of peripheral blood  Jun.2013
For the rescue of infertile founder animals or a “last-of-line” animal
6. A large-scale factorial analysis of mouse ICSI  Feb.2013
For the efficient use of animals and time in mouse ICSI experiments
5. Superovulation with anti-inhibin serum  Aug.2012
Toward efficient preservation and use of wild-derived strains
4. Ectopic Germ Cell Transplantation  Apr.2012
Production of functional gametes under the kidney capsule
3. Efficient mouse cloning by manipulating the Xist gene  Jan.2012
A great step towards future practical applications
2. High-Speed Congenics Using First-Wave Male Germ Cells  Oct.2011
The fastest generation turnover in mammals (40-45 days)
1. High Osmolality Vitrification (HOV)  Jul.2011
A new vitrification method for conventional embryo transportation with dry ice