The 115th SRD Meeting

The 115th SRD Meeting was held onsite (The University of Tokyo) and online hybrid.

Dr. Kimiko INOUE has won the SRD Outstanding Research Award 2022.
“Elucidation of abnormalities induced by somatic cell nuclear transfer techniques and development of methods for their improvement.”

★Oral Presentation (online)★
K. MOCHIDA: Use of anti-inhibin monoclonal antibody for increasing the litter size of rat strains
★Poster Session (online)★
A. UCHIDA: Sertoli valve formation and spermatogenesis are modulated by Sox17+ rete testis in mouse testis
S. MATOBA: Generation of trophoblast-specific Cre expressing mouse lines for placental biology
D. SHIKATA: Suppression of endogenous retrovirus ERVK in somatic cell nuclear transfer embryos