The 114th SRD Meeting

The 114th SRD Meeting was held online.
Four members made presentations at the poster session.
A. HASEGAWA: A novel superovulation method to obtain the maximum number of litters and its application to i-GONADO
S. MATOBA: Optimization of somatic cell nuclear transfer technology in common marmosets
D. SHIKATA: Transcriptome analysis of somatic cell nuclear transfer embryos with genomic plasticity derived from 129 strain
K. MOCHIDA: Easy and quick (EQ) sperm freezing method for mouse strains without the use of liquid nitrogen, special reagents and special containers
Poster Image

Mr. Daiki SHIKATA won the JRD Outstanding Paper Award (2020).
Shikata et al. “H4K20 monomethylation inhibition causes loss of genomic integrity in mouse preimplantation embryos”
Mr. Daiki Shikata

Dr. M. HADA (Tokyo Unv.) presented at the host planning seminar.
Title: Highly Rigid H3K9me3 Domains Set a Barrier for Cell Fate Reprogramming in Trophoblast Stem Cells